MAET Overseas Final Reflection Y2


This year as part of my second year in the Master’s in Educational Technology (MAET) Program, I spent four weeks in Galway, Ireland taking a critical look at my current curriculum, pedagogical principals, and use of technology. After focusing on an area of refinement, exploration, and innovation, I dug deep into research on the essay revision process and how film could be used to enhance that process. This post is a multimodal reflection of the ideas and ideals that I have explored with my colleagues this year.


The first installment is a video representation of the context of the program and my progress (or at times, struggle!) throughout the process.


Brainstorming for the reflective video and remix in class.

The second installment is a remix of the representation of the program given in the first installment. This year is the second year I had the opportunity to spend with my MAET cohort in Galway, Ireland. The connection I have to my colleagues, my friends, has grown into a network of support, encouragement, and innovative inspiration that I never dreamt I would have a chance to be a part of. In order to honor those connections as well as the experiences and challenges we have faced together, I focused more on the personal connections than the coursework in my remixed version of my reflection. Below is my rendition of Cups from the movie Pitch Perfect, in honor of the fact that our experience this summer cannot possibly fit into cups as we discussed in class (inside joke: context).

Lyrics (with a bit of cheese : ) )

I got my TPACK workin’ all year now,

Thanks to MAETy2 this year,

And we sure did have some sweet company

Getting Leigh & Michelle as professors here.

Chorus (x2):

Oh, when we’re gone, when we’re gone,

We’ll use our research when we’re gone.

I’m gonna miss my awesome peers, but through Facebook we’re still near,

Oh, we can collaborate all year long.

Spartan’s Will/ This Spartan Did

This year we played with MSU Branding and below is my first attempt at contextualizing my goals and ideals and then the final edition after the courses I have been through this summer.


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